How do I know your CASH OFFER is a fair price?  That is the main question on your mind right?  At I Buy Luxury Cars we believe our customers are smart.  They do their homework, weigh the pros and cons of selling their car to us and they make educated decisions.  So providing our customers […]

5 Reasons why your Dealer is low-balling your trade

Have you ever went into a Dealer to purchase a new car, had them give you an offer on your trade and been supremely happy with it?  …I didn’t think so.  Our research shows that buyers of new cars are almost never happy with the offer they receive on their trade.  Why is this you […]

The Cold Hard Truth About Private Party Selling: IT DOES NOT WORK!

It is one of the biggest misconceptions in the car business; Sell your car yourself, so that you avoid paying the “would-be” profit that the dealer would otherwise make.  Right?  Wrong! If you are a private individual, with little or no experience selling cars and you are thinking about, or even worse, attempting to sell […]