Learn how to sell your exotic car without the hassle

Learn how to sell your exotic car without the hassle

Exotic car ownership is more about the experience than the physical machine. Car enthusiasts know this, and it’s why many strive to experience as wide a variety of exotic cars as they can within their lifetime. As a result, many car enthusiasts and are constantly looking to sell one exotic car and acquire another—it’s about personally experiencing the speed, power and gusto of every machine you can.

But, selling exotic cars isn’t easy. You have to find qualified buyers who share your passion for good cars, and who have the financial means to go through with the purchase.

Not many people have the money laying around to be a serious exotic car buyer. Since qualified exotic car buyers are few and far between, the sales cycle for exotic cars can take months. That’s months of repairs, car payments and depreciation when you could be testing out your new ride on the open road.

So, how does one go about selling exotic cars? Traditionally, you have two options: trading your exotic car to a dealership or selling it yourself privately. Or, you can break from tradition and skip the hassle by selling your car today for its Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash offer. Let’s break down the benefits and drawbacks of all your options.

How to sell your exotic car: Trading in or selling privately

Selling your exotic car to a dealership is easier, but you stand to make more money if you sell it privately to a qualified buyer.

Dealerships will often make low offers. Bentley dealerships don’t want your Bugatti on their showroom floor and, in some cases, they can’t inventory your car due to franchise agreements. They’ll give you a low offer hoping for one of two things: either you walk away, or they make a tidy profit on your car.

Ideally, you’d make the profit yourself if you sold private party. But the reality is quite different. Selling exotic cars is hard, and unless you’re well-versed in setting prices to sell and negotiating with experienced, you’re likely to lose more money than you stand to make. Plus, you have to take into account your exotic car’s depreciation and the payments you’ll make in the time it’ll take to close a deal.

A stress- and hassle-free way to sell your

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