How to sell your SUV today for its Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

How to sell your SUV today for its Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

Luxury SUV’s have become the latest accessory for the rich and famous. Sport utility vehicles (SUV’s) can be used for everything from commuting during the week to work to off-roading on the weekend. What’s more, luxury crossovers and SUV’s like the Range Rover, BMW x5 and Porsche Cayenne are more than just flashy—they’re a status symbol.

Still, finding qualified luxury SUV buyers can be difficult, especially considering some of these cars touch the $100K threshold. So how do you find interested buyers for your vehicle?

Traditionally, there are two methods for selling your luxury SUV: trade into the dealership or sell your SUV in a private party sale.

Trading your SUV into a dealership

The problem with selling into a dealership is not only the low-ball offers, but that the salesman will expect something in return. If you aren’t looking to buy a new SUV full price, then the dealership will be less inclined to take your trade in.

And let’s say you own a used Lexus RX 350 and you want to get a new Jaguar F-Pace. The easiest thing to do is to trade your Lexus into the Jaguar dealership. The problem? The Jaguar dealership doesn’t want your Lexus.

Even if their franchising agreements allows them to have your SUV on their showroom floor (it doesn’t), they don’t understand the Lexus market. The only way they’ll take your car is if they get such a good deal that it would be impossible not to turn a profit. If you walk away, it’s no skin off their back.

If you’re frustrated with low-ball offers from the dealership, that’s why.

The inconvenient, inefficient process of selling your SUV to a private party

Odometer checks. Vehicle inspection reports. Title transfers. And that’s just what you have to deal with once you find a buyer with the financial means to purchase your SUV. Often, private party sales can last for months on end. During that time, you have to keep insuring your car and making payments. Plus, your car will depreciate through the whole sales cycle.

A better way to sell your SUV: Get its KBB ICO today in cash

You don’t have two or three months to sit around waiting for your car to sell via a private party sale. And you don’t want to sell your car for less than what its worth to a dealership. We know that—that’s why we guarantee at least Kelley Blue Book value for your used luxury SUV.

All you have to do is submit your vehicle’s VIN, a couple photos and a brief text description. The I Buy Luxury Cars team will get back to you in 20 minutes with an offer based on the market and your car’s value. Sometimes, our offer is even more than your car’s KBB value. If you accept—we think you’ll like what you see—we’ll pay you fast. We’ll even arrange the pick-up and transport of your car.

Sound like a process you can work with?

We’ll pay more than the dealership for your luxury car. Are you interested?