Guide To Selling

The ultimate guide to selling your luxury car privately

You need to sell your luxury car, but you don’t want to get ripped off with a dealership trade-in. Selling your car privately seems like the perfect option to cash in on your high-end car, but you don’t know where to start.

We developed a guide designed specifically for luxury, exotic and sports car sellers just like you. We discuss everything from paperwork to setting the right price. Read our guide and get the most out of your private car sale.
In our guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to prep your car for appraisal and selling quickly

    Before you list your car, you’ll want to have it professionally cleaned and serviced. We’ll give you a pre-sale checklist of everything you’ll need to do before advertising your private car sale listing.

  • How to set and negotiate the price

    Pricing your car for private car sales is a little like walking a tightrope. If you under-estimate the value of your car, you’re shorting yourself on profit. If you overestimate your car, it won’t sell. But you also want to leave wiggle room for negotiation. We’ll cover pricing tips and tricks, as well as how to effectively negotiate the price with buyers.

  • How to find, screen and select qualified buyers

    Listing a multi-million dollar car on Craigslist? Your inbox will fill with hobbyists looking to ”test drive” your car almost instantaneously. Our guide contains tips on finding car enthusiasts with the financial means to purchase your prized possession.

  • What paperwork to fill out and when to file it

    Paperwork is one of the worst parts of selling your car privately. From liability releases to title changes to maintenance records, you’re going to need to fill out or make copies of lots of forms during the private car sale process. We’ll give you a detailed guide to the paperwork you’ll need, when to fill it out and where to send it.

  • How to navigate lien agreements and payoffs

    The buyer needs the title before the bank will grant them a loan. You need the funds before you hand over the title. And, if you have a payoff, it becomes even more complicated. Our guide contains ways to facilitate the transaction while satisfying both yours and the buyers’ needs.

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