How to sell your truck today for cash

How to sell your truck today for cash

Pickup trucks have a variety of purposes: lifting, towing, off-roading and, oftentimes, just transporting its passengers from point A to point B. Trucks are practical, but they’re large, difficult to maneuver and they guzzle gas.

You might be thinking it’s time to sell your truck, either to downsize or save money. You don’t want to sell to the dealership for a subpar trade-in rate, but you don’t want to go through the trouble of selling your truck independently.

We can help. We’re I Buy Luxury Cars, and we buy trucks for cash. We won’t haggle, and we won’t offer you less than your truck is worth. You know how much your car is worth, and we won’t offer you a penny less. That’s why we guarantee at least the Kelley Blue Book ICO for your truck.

We’ll present you a Kelley Blue Book-backed offer in 20 minutes

We’ll buy any truck, from Ford F-Series to Chevy diesel pickup trucks and Dodge diesel heavy-duty trucks. And we’re a Kelley Blue Book Participating Dealer, meaning we guarantee at least the Kelley Blue Book ICO when you sell your truck to us.

We just need to know your truck’s year, make, model and condition. Once we know its service history, towing capacity, fuel economy and other options, we can determine the true market value of your truck.Our team will evaluate its value based on market conditions and get back to you with a KBB-backed cash offer in 20 minutes.

That’s certainly better than spending hours on the phone calling dealership after dealership to find just one salesman that won’t low-ball you. With I Buy Luxury Cars, all you have to do is take a couple photos and fill out a form, and you can get a fair cash offer for your truck today.

You’ll receive your cash within 24 hours

Our initial offer is obligation-free and good for 72 hours. We won’t hound you, pressuring you into accepting. We’re pretty sure you’ll like what you see. Once you do accept our cash offer for your check, we’ll pay you fast. To learn more about our unique three-step process, click here.

Get cash for your truck now, and move on to what really matters!

We’ll pay more than the dealership for your luxury car. Are you interested?