Beepi has closed shop and a newer, faster car selling service has opened: Here’s what you need to know

Beepi has closed shop and a newer, faster car selling service has opened: Here’s what you need to know.

Beepi was a California-based peer-to-peer car sales—users could browse, sell or buy right from their smartphone or computer.

The company prided itself on its haggle-free offers and seamless car sales. Still, Beepi closed down slowly at the end of 2016 because of its failure to get funding.

But there’s good news for sellers who still want a no-haggle way of selling their car. See, I Buy Luxury Cars—also known as—looked around at other car buying sites, and saw an opportunity to make the process even faster and more lucrative for you, the seller. will offer you at least KBB value for your car—sometimes more!—as quickly as 24 hours from when you first submit your car.

Even Beepi could only promise to buy your car 30 days from when they first perform their 2-hour inspection.

Our process is different because it’s focused on your satisfaction. We’re not looking to pull the highest margins from every car sale—we’re focused on building long-term relationships with luxury car collectors and owners.

We aim to be top-of-mind in the high-end car community when it comes time to sell your car because of our signature three-step process and competitive offers.

Here’s how it works: you submit your car’s information. Within 20 minutes, one of our car valuation experts will develop a customized offer just for you using KBB ICO value as the base and working up based on mileage, condition and demand. If you accept our KBB-backed offer, we’ll pay you fast.

No waiting around for a month to see if your car sells, like on Beepi. And no 2-hour inspections to receive your offer.

Get your obligation-free offer in 20 minutes. Get your cash in full in 24 hours. That’s all there is to it. To find out how much your car is worth, click here.

Or, to see a full comparison between Beepi and, read the chart below.

BEEPI I Buy Luxury Cars
Do you guarantee at least KBB value for my car? x
Will you give me an offer within 20 minutes? x
Will you pay me my cash offer in full within 24 hours of accepting, guaranteed? x

Get your car’s KBB value in full, in cash, in 24 hours.

That’s how is different.