CarMax vs. I Buy Luxury Cars: Who will pay more for your high-end trade-in?

CarMax vs. I Buy Luxury Cars: Who will pay more for your high-end trade-in?

CarMax—one of the largest car buying and selling companies in the United States—prides itself on its hassle-free process.

To sell your car to CarMax, you need to schedule a 30-minute appraisal at one of their storefronts. If you like their offer, you can walk away with your money in hand.

CarMax makes selling your car easy. There’s just one catch: their offers are often very low. They do not guarantee Kelley Blue Book for your car, and will make an offer so low they know they can make a clean profit when they resell it.

CarMax’s focus is on selling cars, not buying them. But at I Buy Luxury Cars, our whole business model is built around you, the seller.

It’s why we guarantee Kelley Blue Book ICO value for every car we buy. It’s why our car valuation experts work hard to get an offer to you within 20 minutes. It’s why we pay you fast after accepting our offer.

We don’t use an online quote generator. Our car valuation experts look at your car’s history, mileage and condition to develop a customized quote. We guarantee at least KBB value for your car, but sometimes it makes sense to pay thousands more.

We know the luxury car market, and aren’t afraid to pay what your car is worth. We’re not focused on getting the highest profit margins out of every sale—we’re focused on building lasting relationships with high-end car collectors and owners.

We want to be the company you call when it’s time to trade up. We will help you turn your luxury car into cash in 24 hours or less.

To learn why thousands of luxury car owners just like you have chosen I Buy Luxury Cars to sell their car, get in touch with us today!

For a full comparison between CarMax and, read the chart below.

CARMAX I Buy Luxury Cars
Do you guarantee at least KBB value for my car? x
Will you give me an offer within 20 minutes? x
Will you pay me my cash offer in full within 24 hours of accepting, guaranteed?
Can I submit my car’s information without the hassle of making an account? x

Get your car’s KBB value in full, in cash, in 24 hours.

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