Carvana vs. I Buy Luxury cars: Where to get the most money for your used car

Carvana vs. I Buy Luxury Cars: Where to get the most money for your used car

Carvana is a full-service car seller and buyer, famous for their no-haggle process and, of course, their car vending machine.

They separate themselves from traditional car dealers by their take-it-or-leave-it prices—there’s no negotiating and no hassle. Carvana’s car sale process is easy—they take the stress out of selling your car and buying a new one.

Unfortunately, easy isn’t always a good thing. See, Carvana isn’t able to guarantee Kelley Blue Book value for your car, meaning you might not be getting the best offer on your used car.

Plus, their car sale offers are automatically formulated, rather than having an expert look at your car’s information and devise an offer based on KBB value and extensive industry experience.

And there’s no set deadline on when they’ll send you the check for your car. It could be tomorrow; it could be next month—but certainly not a 24-hour guarantee.

Basically, Carvana is a great place to buy a car. Not such a great place to sell a car.

I Buy Luxury Cars is solely focused on buying used luxury cars. That means our focus is on you—the seller.

That’s why we guarantee KBB value for every car we buy. Once you submit your car’s information to us, one of car valuation experts will determine how we can pay the most for your car.

We use KBB as the base of every offer, but often end up paying more. Sure, we could get away with paying less for your car, but that’s not the way we do business—we want to pay fair market value for your car.

It’s this seller-focused attitude that has allowed us to build lasting relationships with luxury car collectors and sellers just like you.

They know we’ll pay more than a dealership can—and our signature three-step process allows them to sell their car in 24 hours or less, and get behind the wheel of the car they really want, or just turn their expensive ride into cash.

For a full comparison between Carvana and, read the chart below.

Carvana I Buy Luxury Cars
Do you guarantee at least KBB value for my car? x
Will you give me an offer within 20 minutes?
Will you pay me my cash offer in full within 24 hours of accepting, guaranteed? x
Can I submit my car’s information without the hassle of making an account? x

Get your car’s KBB value in full, in cash, in 24 hours.

That’s how is different.