iBuy Luxury Cars vs Peddle Car Buying

Peddle vs. iBuy Luxury Cars: Where to get the best deal for your car

Peddle is a car buying startup based on a ”haggle-free” online process. When you put your car for sale on their site, they will present you with an offer within seconds. You can either choose to drive it to their facilities—and get a higher offer—or have someone come out to you.

Their car sales process is really easy. There’s just one problem—their offers are low. Very low.

When you plug a 2018 Ferrari Californa T in mint condition with 1,000 miles into their instant offer generator, they offer only $155. That’s less than a plane ticket to California, the state—certainly not an acceptable offer for a well-maintained Ferrari.

Bottom line is that Peddle, formerly ”Junk My Car,” specializes in buying junk cars. They do not know the market for luxury vehicles and don’t make accurate, fair offers on them. Especially if you have a luxury car for sale, Peddle is not the way to go.

I Buy Luxury Cars knows the high-end market.

We don’t use some online instant offer generator. When you submit your car’s information through our site, one of our luxury car valuation experts will look at your car’s condition, model and history and get back to you with a customized offer in 20 minutes or less.

We use your car’s Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer as the base and, in many cases, pay much more. At the end of the day, we want to pay you a fair offer for your car.

Our seller-focused business model has helped us build lasting relationships with high-end car collectors and owners throughout the country.

We’ve become known for our signature three-step car sale process: (1) submit your car’s info, (2) accept your offer, (3) receive your cash offer in full.

You could trade your luxury car for its KBB value in full within 24 hours. Join thousands of high-end owners just like you who have chosen iBuyLC.com to sell their luxury car!

For a full comparison between Peddle and iBuyLC.com, read the chart below.

Peddle I Buy Luxury Cars
Do you guarantee at least KBB value for my car? x
Will you give me an offer within 20 minutes?
Will you pay me my cash offer in full within 24 hours of accepting, guaranteed? x

Get your car’s KBB value in full, in cash, in 24 hours.

That’s how iBuyLC.com is different.