How do VROOM car sales compare to I Buy Luxury Cars’ streamlined process?

How do VROOM car sales compare to I Buy Luxury Cars’ streamlined process? is a startup that specializes in buying and selling cars online. They tout their ability to take the ”haggle” out of auto sales.

There’s no haggling on prices. That means that the offer they give you is the offer you get. They come to their offer based on lots of car market benchmarks, blue and black books, and real-time market data. Unfortunately, isn’t able to guarantee Kelley Blue Book value.

VROOM, and other auto e-commerce sites like it, are great. They allow for quick sales, cash offers and an easier process. Still, there are some things these auto sale sites don’t provide: full KBB value for your car in cash, in full and in 24 hours.

I Buy Luxury Cars does. As a Kelley Blue Book ICO partner dealership, we are able to guarantee at least KBB value for your car. Plus, we make it our goal to be as streamlined possible. We will get you an offer within 20 minutes and cash within 24 hours.

We have the capability to buy even the most expensive cars, up to several million dollars. In fact, we specialize in the high-end car buying market. You know the value of your car according to KBB. So do we, and we’re willing to pay you in full for it.

After you accept our cash offer, our team of car experts will take care of everything else—transporting your car, paying off your lien and transferring paperwork.

The process is designed to make the car selling process as simple as possible for high-end owners like you.

For a full comparison between VROOM and, read the chart below.

VROOM I Buy Luxury Cars
Do you guarantee at least KBB value for my car? x
Will you give me an offer within 20 minutes? x
Will you pay me my cash offer in full within 24 hours of accepting, guaranteed? x
Can I submit my car’s information without the hassle of making an account? x

Get your car’s KBB value in full, in cash, in 24 hours.

That’s how is different.