Selling a car on eBay: The (not so) simple way to sell your car

Selling a car on eBay: The (not so) simple way to sell your car

Selling a car on eBay is supposed to be easy: you just snap a couple photos, list your luxury car and bids come in left and right. Then you pick the best offer, and the process is over.

In practice, however, it’s never that simple. Ebay car sales are expensive, time-intensive and not always successful. You have to pay a fee to list your car, you need to sift through unqualified buyers—if bids come in at all—and then you have to pay shipping costs.

Here’s what you need to know before trying to sell a car on eBay:

  1. Few buyers trust eBay Motors
    Ebay Motors has a 1.2-star rating on Consumer Affairs and 137 customer complaints that go into painstaking detail about scams and bad customer service. Buyers don’t trust eBay listings and, as a seller, they won’t trust you.
    You’ll have to go into great detail about your car’s history, service record and physical condition in order to make potential buyers trust the validity of your listing. That means a lot of effort on your part.
  2. Listing fees, final value fees, shipping costs and depreciation
    To even get an eBay Motors listing, you need to pay a fee with no guarantee that your car will sell. If it sells—even if it takes months—you’ll have to pay another fee, called a final value fee. Plus these fees correspond to the value of your car. So as a luxury car driver, your fees will be higher than owners of mass market vehicles.
    The whole time you wait for your car to sell, your car is depreciating. Luxury cars can lose as much as $1,500 in value per month. And after all that, you have to negotiate shipping costs—which, for a car are very expensive—with the buyer.
    Selling a car on eBay can be an expensive endeavor.
  3. It’s time-consuming
    It’s never as simple as listing your car as ”for sale by owner.” You’ll need to monitor your car’s listing closely. You’ll need to evaluate offers and bids as they come in. You’ll need to schedule viewings, which can be quite a hassle when the potential buyer lives five states away. You’ll need to take phone calls and answer emails from potential buyers.

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