Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Partnership

You want your car’s Kelley Blue Book value. We’ll give it to you.

Do you know your car’s Kelley Blue Book value? If you’re looking to sell your car, chances are that you have it memorized and you don’t want to sell your car for a dime less.

And who are we to argue with the most trusted voice in car valuation? As a Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Participating Dealer, we are able to guarantee your vehicle’s KBB car value.

We use your car’s Kelley Blue Book value as our base offer and work up from there based on your vehicle’s accident history, mileage and potential resale value. Our bottom line is the same as yours: to provide you a fair offer and a streamlined process.

No hassle.
No hoops.
No low-ball offers.

Trade your luxury ride for a competitive cash offer today.

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Why KBB car values are important to us

Although certainly not the industry standard, here’s why we guarantee the KBB car value:

  • They know a thing or two about assessing cars
    They’ve been doing this—evaluating market conditions to determine a vehicle’s fair market value—for a long time. See, Kelley Blue Book has been evaluating the value of cars just like yours since before sliced bread was invented. 1926, to be precise.
  • They’re trusted by car sellers like you
    You trust them. So does the industry. That’s why we take Kelley Blue Book values seriously. Each month, more than 21 million smart private party call sellers like you look up their KBB car values. We want savvy sellers like yourself to be pleased with the competitive offer we present.
  • We pay more than dealerships can
    The only way to remain more competitive than dealerships is to know the market value of every car we purchase. This means staying on top of KBB car values—and dozens of other auto industry conditions—and knowing exactly how much to pay for your vehicle.

We want to present a competitive offer you can’t refuse. So go ahead and look up your car’s Kelley Blue Book value. If you sell your car to I Buy Luxury Cars, you’ll get at least that much. Maybe more.

We’ll pay more than the dealership for your luxury car. Are you interested?

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