How to sell my Audi today for a competitive price

How to sell my Audi today for a competitive price

Audi owners know luxury. The German carmaker prides itself on precision, power and technology. Audis are nice—and expensive—vehicles. So, when it comes time to sell your Audi—whether it’s to upgrade or move on—you want a buyer who knows how much it’s worth.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a private party who both appreciates and can afford your Audi’s MSRP value. Not many people have a couple grand laying around for your R8 Spyder. And banks don’t like to facilitate payoffs between private party buyers. And, you’ll need to price your car just right, which often requires a professional valuation. While you wait for your car to sell, you’ll have to keep making car payments. Because your car depreciates month by month, you stand to lose a lot of money in the two or three months it’ll take to close the sale.

Trading into dealerships isn’t much better—they’re looking to give you the lowest possible offer so they can make a tidy profit from its sale. Sometimes, they don’t even offer KBB value for your car. And often dealerships don’t even take trade-ins from other manufacturers due to franchising requirements.

Sell your Audi for a competitive price today.

We’re different. I Buy Luxury Car’s mission is to simplify the car selling process for high-end owners like yourself.

Here’s how.

You submit information about your car through our convenient online form. You just need to send your VIN, and any notes you deem necessary. Then, our team will create a customized offer for your car. You have 72 hours to accept our offer. Once you give us the green light, we’ll have the cash in your hands within 24 hours.

That’s it. We’ll deal with lien agreements. We’ll pick up your car wherever you are. The only paperwork you’ll have to worry about it handing over your title. After all, our priority is your convenience.