How to sell your Cadillac today for its KBB Instant Cash Offer

How to sell your Cadillac today for its KBB Instant Cash Offer

From the classic convertibles of the past to the giant Escalades of the moment, Cadillacs have been the icon of American luxury for decades. Owning a Cadillac is like owning a piece of the American Dream.

When it comes time to sell your Cadillac, finding someone who appreciates your Cadillac Escalade is easy. Finding someone who can afford it is another story. And, if you trade your Cadillac into a dealership, they will likely give you a low-ball offer, especially if you are trading into a non-Cadillac dealership. Often, dealerships can’t feature non-branded cars in their showroom, so they’ll only give you an offer if they know they can sell it for a low price.

We’re different. We guarantee at least Kelley Blue Book ICO for your car—often, we offer thousands more—and we’ll get the cash to you within 24 hours after you accept. Our signature three-step process is designed to make the car selling process easier for high-end owners like you.

Here’s how it works.

Submit your Cadillac’s VIN through our secure online form

To get started, all you have to do is submit your Cadillac’s VIN on our convenient form, along with any other important information. After you hit ’submit,’ sit back and wait. We’ll have an offer in front of you in minutes.

Evaluate our KBB-backed cash offer

Within 20 minutes, we’ll have an offer in front of you. Our Cadillac valuation experts develop the offer based on your car’s MSRP, its Kelley Blue Book ICO value and current market conditions. We guarantee at least the Kelley Blue Book ICO, but in some cases, we offer more.

Accept the offer and receive your cash

Once you accept the offer for your Cadillac, we’ll send the money to you within 24 hours. After that, you don’t have to worry a thing. We’ll transfer the title, deal with lien agreements and transport your Cadillac. After you accept, take your cash and leave everything else to us.