Sell Your Chevrolet

How to sell your Chevrolet today for a competitive price

There’s nothing more American than a Chevrolet. Whether you own a Chevy Silverado, Colorado or their signature sports car, the Corvette, you own an American icon. But, inevitably, there will come the point when it’s time to sell your Chevrolet.

You have several options. You could sell your Chevrolet in a private party sale and make a tidy profit. You trade your Corvette, Silverado or Colorado to the dealership. Or, you could sell your Chevrolet today for a competitive price.

Let’s explore each of these options.

Sell your Chevrolet in a private party sale

If you sell your car privately, you stand to make a profit, right? Well, not quite. See, private party sales aren’t quite as easy as people think. First, you need to price your car to sell, which isn’t as simple as listing your Chevy’s MSRP or Kelley Blue Book value. You need to consider market conditions, as well as the condition of your particular vehicle. It’s a balancing act—if you price your vehicle incorrectly, it either won’t sell or you’ll short yourself.

Once you’ve priced your vehicle and listed it, you’ll need to vet buyers, coordinate test drives and handle all the paperwork yourself. And, because banks don’t often facilitate payoffs between private parties, this is a long and convoluted process. This is why it often takes two or three months for cars to sell via private party sales. And, the whole time you’re waiting for your Chevrolet to sell, you’ll need to keep making car payments while your car depreciates. So in fact, you stand to lose quite a bit of money in a private party sale.

Trading your Chevrolet into a dealership

You can also trade your Chevrolet into a dealership. But dealerships are prone to giving low-ball offers. This is especially true when you try to trade your Chevy into a Ford dealership—or any off-brand dealer for that matter. Dealerships don’t want off-brand makes on their lot and, in some cases, can’t have them due to franchising agreements.

The dealership will make a low offer hoping for one of two outcomes: (1) you walk away or (2) they buy your car for such a low offer that they stand to make a large profit.

Sell your Chevrolet today for a competitive price

Or you can sell your Chevrolet as is to I Buy Luxury Cars today for a competitive price. All you have to do is submit your Chevy’s VIN via our secure online form. Then we’ll develop an offer based on current market conditions, as well as your car’s MSRP. We’ll have an offer in front of you quickly. If you accept, you’ll have the cash within 24 hours.

It’s really that simple. Our signature three-step process has revolutionized the car selling experience for luxury car owners everywhere. Chevy owners across the country have trusted us to pay them fair market value for their Corvette, Silverado or Colorado. You can, too.