Sell Your Dodge

How to sell your Dodge quickly for a competitive price

Dodge is the champion of performance and strength in American cars. The American carmaker has a robust portfolio of sturdy, powerful vehicles, ranging from their impressive sports car offering—the Viper—to their heavy duty towing vehicles—the Ram diesel trucks.

And their most powerful vehicles—the Challenger, Charger, Viper and Ram trucks—do not come cheap. Despite the fact that there are many Dodge performance enthusiasts, it can be difficult to find buyers with the financial means to close the deal when it comes time to sell your Dodge.

Generally speaking, you have two options when selling your Dodge: trade it into a dealership or sell it private party. But there’s a third option you might not’ve considered: sell it to us today for a competitive offer.

Trade your Dodge into a dealership

Trading into a dealership is easy. Often, though, dealerships will give you a disappointingly low offer. This is especially true if you try to trade your Dodge into a non-Dodge dealership. Dealerships don’t want to show off-brand cars on their showrooms, so they’ll low-ball you hoping for one of two outcomes: (1) you walk away or (2) they buy your car for so cheap that they’re bound to turn a profit.

Sell your Dodge in a private party sale

It’s tempting to think you can make a profit in a private party sale. But it’s not always the case—in fact, you could lose quite a bit of money due to inexperience.

See, to make money selling your Dodge in a private party sale, you need to price it right and sell it quickly. If your price your car too low, you’re shorting yourself. But if you price it too high, you’ll never sell it. And the longer the sale goes on, the more money you lose in car payments, insurance and depreciation.

More expensive cars, like the Viper, can lose as much as $1,500 a month in value, and with high car payments and insurance, you can actually lose thousands in the two or three months it’ll take for your car to sell.

Sell your Dodge today for a competitive cash offer.

We will buy your Dodge for a competitive price, in cash. Here’s how our signature three-step process works:

  1. Submit your car’s information
    First, you submit your Dodge’s information through our convenient online form. Our team will get back to you quickly with an offer.
  2. Evaluate our offer
    Our offers are time-sensitive and are accurate to the day. As such, you will have 72 hours to accept or reject our fair market offer for your Dodge.
  3. Pocket your cash
    Once you accept your offer for your Dodge, we will deliver the cash to you within 24 hours. After that, we’ll deal with everything else—paperwork, lien agreements, transporting your Dodge. All you have to do is pocket the cash.