Sell Your Infiniti

Want to sell your Infiniti quickly for a competitive price? It’s easier than you think.

Infiniti’s signature driver-focused design exudes elegance without sacrificing power. Designed to compete with European powerhouses like Mercedes, Audi and BMW, the Japanese carmaker has risen in the ranks as one of the most well-known luxury car brands in America. Infiniti is marketed and engineered for a very specific market—luxury car drivers who prioritize experience, power and value.

As with most luxury cars, when it comes time to sell your Infiniti, it can be difficult to decide which method of selling is best. Generally speaking, you have two options: sell your Infiniti in a private party sale, or trade it into a dealership.

How to sell your Infiniti privately

You could sell your Infiniti privately, but it’ll typically take two or three months. That’s three months of car payments and depreciation. And, because you have a nice car, you’ll attract a lot of car enthusiasts who want to ”test drive” your Infiniti just to know what it feels like behind the wheel.

Once you do finally find a private party buyer with the financial means to close the deal, you’ll need to fill out all the necessary paperwork, transport the vehicle and negotiate lien agreements. Not many banks want to facilitate payoffs between two private parties, however, so finalizing the sale can prove to be difficult.

Moral of the story: selling your Infiniti will most likely turn out to be more work, and less profitable than you might hope.

Trade your Infiniti into a dealership

Trading your Infiniti into a dealership is easy. It’s also a great way to lose money by accepting a low-ball offer. Dealerships are known to shoot low with trade-in values. And, if you try to trade your car into a non-Infiniti dealership, you’re likely to get a very low offer.

See, dealerships don’t want to accept off-brand vehicles and, in some cases, they can’t due to franchising agreements. So they’ll give you a low offer hoping for one of two outcomes: either you walk away or they turn an insane profit.

An easier way to sell your Infiniti: Sell it today for a competitive price

There is a third option. Sell your Infiniti today for a competitive price. In cash. At I Buy Luxury Cars, our mission is to simplify the car selling process for high-end owners like you. In just three steps, you can turn your Infiniti into a windfall of cash.

Here’s how it works. You submit your Infiniti’s VIN via our convenient online form. We’ll review your car’s information get back to you with an offer quickly. This real-time offer is based on your car’s mileage, condition, MSRP, as well as current car market conditions. We guarantee a competitive offer!

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