Sell Your Lexus

24 hours stand between you and your Lexus’ cash offer

Lexus owners appreciate perfection. A leader in craftsmanship, technology and innovation, the Japanese carmaker attracts a breed of car enthusiast who, as the tagline touts, want to ”experience amazing.”

And experiencing amazing does not come cheap. When it comes time to sell your Lexus, it can be difficult to find buyers who not only appreciate your car but also have the financial means to close the deal.

Rather than wasting time on a private party sale or losing money on a low dealership trade-in offer, Lexus owners across the country are turning to as their direct car buying partners. Why?

Because we guarantee a competitive price for every luxury car we buy, and because we can close a deal in 24 hours or less.


Lexus owners know quality when they see it. And we’re the real deal. We know the luxury car market better than anyone, and will present you with a real-time cash offer based on your Lexus’ MSRP and current market conditions.

Sell your Lexus today for a competitive price. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Send us your Lexus’ VIN and a couple photos
    To get the ball rolling, all you have to do is send us a little bit of information about your car. We’ll ask for your VIN, a couple photos and a brief description of its condition. That’s all we need to determine the fair market value of your Lexus.
  2. Receive your competitive cash offer
    We work quickly. After you hit ’submit’ on the form, we’ll put together a real-time offer based on market conditions and your Lexus’ MSRP. Since our offers are based on ever-changing factors, you’ll have 72 hours to accept or reject our offer.
  3. Accept our offer and receive your cash – in full and in 24 hours

    After you accept our offer, we’ll take care of everything else—lien agreements, paperwork and transporting your car. All you have to worry about is what you’re going to do with your cash.