Sell Your Nissan

24 short hours stand between you and your Nissan’s competitive cash offer

There’s more than one way to sell your Nissan. Sell it privately. Trade it in. Sell it as is.

While all methods will achieve your goal—getting rid of your car so you can get behind the wheel of a newer model—the way you sell does matter.

You want to sell your Nissan quickly, but you don’t want to go below its value. You know what your car is worth and you don’t want to go a cent lower.


Sound like you? Then there’s really just one way to sell your car—sell it to in 24 short hours for a competitive price. Sometimes, it makes sense for our team of luxury car market experts to offer based on your car’s condition, MSRP and real-time market data.

Here’s why you should request a free Nissan valuation from our car buying specialists today:

  1. Quicker than a private party sale
    Most private party sales take about 2-3 months. And, because you own a luxury vehicle, you’ll likely field ”test drives” from car enthusiasts who can’t afford your car—but still want to drive it once. Plus, high-end cars can lose quite a bit of value each month. And banks don’t like to facilitate loans or lien transfers between individual buyers. Basically, private party sales are long, stressful and less profitable than you’d be led to believe.
    We’ll present you with a Nissan valuation within 24 hours. After you accept our offer, we’ll take care of everything else—transferring your vehicles, transferring lien agreements and anything else that might come up. All you have to worry about is what you’re going to do with our cash offer.
  2. More lucrative than trading into a dealership
    Dealerships don’t want your used car. They’re picky about the cars they take, so it’s tough to trade in a high-mileage car or one with a less-than-perfect Vehicle History Report.


Plus, dealerships usually only have institutional knowledge on the fair market value of their cars so, if you try to sell your Nissan into a Lexus dealership, you’re likely to get a low-ball offer because the dealership wants to be sure they’ll turn a profit.

At, we know dealers who will buy every car, even high mileage cars with an accident history. There’s a dealer for every car, and we’re confident we’ll find one that will value your car as much as we do.

That’s why we’re not afraid to pay fair market value for your car. When you submit your car’s information through our secure form, you’ll receive a no-obligation, fair valuation, quickly.

And if you accept, you’ll receive the cash offer in full in just 24 short hours. So, go ahead: find out how much your Nissan is worth today!