Our Process (old)


We’re a car buying service that started with a simple idea in mind: Give Luxury and Exotic car owners a stress-free way to sell their cars for a competitive price.

The iBuy process is simple. You send your car information to us via our secure car buying website form. Our Appraisal Team will put together a competitive offer, and a designated representative will reach out to you. If you accept, here’s what happens next:

Have the Title:

-Great! Send us a picture of the title and your driver’s license and we’ll send you a purchase agreement via PandaDocs to sign electronically on your phone in 30 seconds.
-We’ll cut a check for payment in full, send you a picture so you can call and verify funds and then overnight it to you.
-Next, we’ll organize a truck to come pickup your car shortly after you receive the check. The driver will do a quick visual inspection of the car and if all is well, take the car.
-After the check clears and the money is secure in your account, you overnight us the title via a free Fedex Label that we provide.

That’s it! It’s truly that easy. Typically, free and clear title deals take 2 days.

Have a Loan:

-No Problem! Simply send us a picture of your driver’s license, bank name and your loan account number and we’ll verify your payoff and email you a purchase agreement via PandaDocs for you to sign on your phone in 30 seconds.
-Next, we’ll email you two simple forms that need one, original, wet signature each (Blue Ink Preferred!) and we’ll include a Fedex label to send them back to us.
-Once received, we’ll send you a check for the equity and payoff your lender. We take care of obtaining the lien release from them.
-We send a driver to grab the car and he does a quick inspection upon pickup.

That’s it! It’s truly that easy. Typically, Finance and Lease payoff deals take 3-4 days.

How It Works


Submit your car’s information.

All we need are some photos of your car, its vin and miles, and of course your email so we can get in touch with you.


Evaluate our offer.

Our team will get back to you quickly with a competitive cash offer. Sometimes in as little as 20 minutes!


Cash out and move on.

If you accept our offer, we’ll pay you fast and organize transport or facilitate the sale at one of our retail locations.

Hassle-Free Seller Experience, Competitive Cash Offers

We Get It

We respect you, the seller and truly appreciate your business and know what it takes to keep you happy and comfortable during the selling process.

testimonial for i buy luxury cars

“Great company. Great service. Talk is cheap and these guys deliver!”

-Jay Levitt, San Diego, CA