Exotic Motors Auto Group Presents i Buy Luxury Cars

In the automotive market, the individual car seller has the chips stacked against them. Have you ever tried to purchase a new car, only to leave disappointed with the bid you received for your trade? Have you ever struggled to navigate the complicated loan pay-off paperwork that goes along with selling a car via the internet or in person? Have you ever stopped to consider why there are so many avenues with which to buy a car, but basically none that will help you sell?

We’re here to change that!

Introducing i Buy Luxury Cars, a web-based car sale system streamlined to get you paid fast. Simply tell us about your car to receive your free buy bid. If you accept, we will pay you fast and pick up your car at no cost to you.

Just 5 easy steps will generate a free buy bid for your car that you can take straight to your dealer, putting you, the customer, in a position of power – a true rarity in the car selling world. If they can’t match or beat that bid, we’ll buy your car.

Our process will make your car sale experience easy and fast so that you can get back to doing the things in life that matter most!