Luxury Car Sales Tips: Maintaining Your Car’s Value

Most cars will depreciate no matter how well we take care of them with the few exceptions of some classics. In all likelihood, a new car you buy will depreciate around 10 percent the second you roll off the lot. With that said, there are some tried and true measures you can take to keep the value of any car as high as possible. When that car is a luxury class, the money saved will be all the more significant.


Protect your Interior
You obviously want to keep stains and dirt to a minimum. I would avoid eating or drinking in the car whenever possible, but eventually, a spilled cup of coffee will probably threaten your car’s value. Clean all spills and stains immediately and avoid smoking in the car at all costs.

Get regular tune-ups
Small mechanical problems will often turn into larger ones if left unchecked. Besides saving you the cost of some larger repairs, a car with a history of regular tune-ups and little to no engine problems will always sell for more.

Wash and Wax a few times per year
Waxing your car protects the exterior from small scratches and helps maintain its color. It helps the car look as new as possible and it’s one of the first impressions a new buyer will notice.

Change your oil regularly
This is one of the most cost-effective steps you can take in maintaining the health of your car’s engine. Do not procrastinate when it’s time to get an oil change.

Keep your maintenance history
Save receipts from tune-ups, car washes, oil changes and any other services that show you’ve kept good care of your car. Having a verified maintenance history often helps the resale value.

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