Service and Maintenance Tips: Prepare Your Luxury Car for Spring

Preparing your car for Spring can more accurately be described as checking for winter damage. The winter months are notoriously hard on vehicles. Now is the time to check for wear and tear.

Here are some quick tips on getting your car ready for spring…


Wash and Wax
Winter roads tend to cause extra dirt, grime and salt to build up on your car which can corrode the paint and cause rust. A good wash and wax not only make your car look better, they protects your car too.

Change the Oil
Cold air and heaters cause your car to use more oil during winter. If you haven’t had your oil changed recently, now’s the time.

Replace Wiper Blades
Snow and ice damage your wiper blades. With the kind of spring rain we’ve been having you’ll want some new wipers.

Check the Belts, Clamps and Hoses
Engine parts made of plastic or rubber become more brittle in the cold and subsequently wear out faster in the winter.

Check the Tire Pressure
Cold weather causes tires to deflate, and you may have put extra air in them to keep the pressure up. As the weather warms up, the air in your tires will expand again. If the tire pressure increases too much it can affect your car’s fuel economy and drivability.