Why iBuy (old)

iBuy is the direct-to-consumer inventory procurement division of Marshall Goldman Motor Sales & Leasing (“Marshall Goldman”). The purpose of iBuy is simple, we are an industry leading company which purchases high-end / collectible vehicles directly from people like you, the consumer. Whether you own your car for cash, lease your vehicle or financed by a bank, iBuy will purchase your car today. Why do we need so many cars? Founded in 1978, Marshall Goldman is the largest Luxury, Exotic and Collectible dealer in the country. We are constantly in search of high-quality vehicles to add to our remarkable inventory, we’ll pay top dollar for your car with absolutely no risk to you!

How You Benefit

More Money Than You’d Get On Trade

We’ll usually pay more than the new car dealership will give you on trade. We combine decades of experience and vast resources, with the most current market conditions, to bring you a competitive offer, every time. We’re the only car buying site entirely focused on you, the seller. We want a long-term business relationship with you and we know that starts with impressing you on the first deal.

Faster and Easier Than Selling Private Party

On average, private party sales take 2-3 months of showings, negotiations, and stress. Plus, sellers often overlook the complication that a loan plays in the process of transferring ownership. We don’t need to test drive your car. You don’t need to pay off your loan before we buy your car. We don’t need to take your car to get it inspected before we make you an offer. Just send us the details via our website and we’ll bring you an offer, fast. If you accept, we’ll pay you quickly and handle all the details. We have the process down and the resources to execute fast, that’s why we’re the best at online car buying website!

How It Works


Submit your car’s information.

All we need are some photos of your car, its vin and miles, and of course your email so we can get in touch with you.


Evaluate our offer.

Our team will get back to you quickly with a competitive cash offer. Sometimes in as little as 20 minutes!


Cash out and move on.

If you accept our offer, we’ll pay you fast and organize transport or facilitate the sale at one of our retail locations.