Luxury Car Sales Tips: Maintaining Your Car’s Value

Most cars will depreciate no matter how well we take care of them with the few exceptions of some classics. In all likelihood, a new car you buy will depreciate around 10 percent the second you roll off the lot. With that said, there are some tried and true measures you can take to keep […]

Service and Maintenance Tips: Prepare Your Luxury Car for Spring

Preparing your car for Spring can more accurately be described as checking for winter damage. The winter months are notoriously hard on vehicles. Now is the time to check for wear and tear. Here are some quick tips on getting your car ready for spring… Wash and Wax Winter roads tend to cause extra dirt, […]

Danny’s Value Play: Three Cars and a Truck to Target

We’ve had a very busy spring and I apologize for not providing you a “Value Play of the Month” for April. I was torn between several cars in the market that I think are great values right now and I wanted to write about more than one. So, to make up for April I’ve provided […]

The market for manual transmission cars is about to drop, so cash out now

The market for manual transmission exotics is about to drop, so cash out now I assess, buy and sell cars every day. I know the landscape of the luxury car market. I base my decisions on data and fact. So trust me when I tell you: we have reached the pinnacle of the market for […]

Danny’s Value Play: Bentley Continental SuperSport

Ask any car guy their opinion of a great all around “sports cars” that can be had for around $100,000 and you are likely to hear mentions of Porsche GT3s, the Corvette Z06, Audi R8s, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and a host of others.  What you most likely will not hear mentioned is the Bentley Continental Supersports…that […]

Why Use I Buy Luxury Cars?

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